I am laying here in my bed with both knees in recovery mode I hope. If it wasn't for all the posts here for me to read every day, I think I would be going a little stir crazy. They tell me the 1st 4 weeks are the hardest and this is just the beginning of week 3 so a little longer to go. Please keep the posts coming so I have something to help pass the time.
At least getting both done at once, you don't have to go through it all over again. I guess I can count my blessings. My legs work fine without an ache or pain even after my two mile walks. Do all your exercises and you will be motoring by the time the good weather gets here. If you are back flying by April 24, we could meet you at the Lindsay airport for lunch. Just a thought.
Thank Riley too. He's the one who makes it all possible to have the fun we do.:D

Glad you're recovery is progressing. It won't be long now until you're back on your feet good as new.

Indeed I remember weeks ago reading how you were lamenting the upcoming major operation.
Well it's come to pass and seems to have been fairly successful.

Nice weather is just around the corner and your ZR-1 is arriving soon too.

You're going to have a great summer.

Glad to be helping to keep your spirits up Terry. I really enjoy this forum as well and all the great folks who contribute. Looking forward to meeting up in the spring hopefully.

Stay positive. You'll be cruising in your Vette in no time. The weather sucks right now anyway, so you aren't missing anything. You underwent some major surgery but like some of the other guys have said it is more than likely better that you did both at the same time. If you did one and then the other later you would just be dragging it on. This forum truly is a blessing. It is full of great people and the projects that keep churning out are so great to see. I know that I'm glued to them as well. Thanks to all who keep this forun running, the moderators and all others who make this such a great forum to be a part of.

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