Our buddy (Steamer [Rob])from Comox BC is back for a visit and has all our tees and hats with him.
Let's hook up at Manny's shop: Dasilva Motorsports in Breslau on Saturday Sept. 8 about 9am for pictures, hats and tees distribution, and whatever, if anyone needs anything done or a dyno or whatnot. Of course an appointment might be needed so check with Manny first.

I'm assuming everyone knows where Dasilva Motorsports is but in case you don't here's a google map link to his shop:

Dasilva Motorsports Inc.

315 Woolwich Street, Breslau, ON

See you Saturday Sept 8th 9am.

:D While I wrote the last poste, I recieved my T-shirt ....It looks really great...Thanks again Rob....

Hi Danny, Yes I saw Rob when he arrived last Friday and he said he would ship yours right out for you.

I'll tell him that you received it ok.

Hope to see you again sometime this summer please keep us up on a possible trip back to Ontario.

Cheers, and keep enjoying the 'vette.

Showers and rain Saturday until early afternoon -- How about venturing out Saturday afternoon. -- or there's Sunday tho I don't know if Manny is there on Sunday........

Looks like I'm not going to be able to make it on Saturday the 8th, and Sunday is definitely not doable for me.
If you don't mind Wayne (ford prefect) can you pick up my hat and shirt......I'll catch up with you latter. If not no big deal, we'll figure something else out.
Weekend are just hard for me..............
Or how about we reschedule for next Sat?

Yes we could do another Saturday no worries, but Steamer (Rob from Comox) who got all these hats and tees done for us is scheduled to fly back on Friday.
Rob and I will be there this Saturday to see Wayne (FordPrefect) and Terry (Woodstock Car Guy), my brother Terry and any others who come, to see Manny's facilities and meet the crew --

Looking like Saturday afternoon is going to be rain free I hope -- at least that's the forecast so we'll be going about 3pm.

Next Saturday the weather should be better so we can go a little earlier.

If hats and tees need shipping it'll be another cost -- I'm thinking somewhere between $5 and $10 ..... that's why we were trying to hook up at Manny's to avoid extra costs .

Can be done tho for those wish to go that route and I'll do the mailing.

More about that a little later when we can get names and addresses and such.

I'll be there regardless, Manny's installing a Vararam on my Z06 saturday morning. Can't wait.:D

Lookin' like a wash-out weatherwise for Saturday the 8th --- .. Steamer will be stopping in to Manny's tomorrow since he has little choice. He flies home later in the week.
Another suggestion was to meet up next Saturday the 15th.

Looking for feedback here. In any case, the hats and tees will be at Manny's and some will see Manny in the next little while for service etc. For others who can't or make it -- mailing is an option but at an additional cost. I'll be looking after that.

Pity weather has turned a little sour lately -- but we'll get it done and eventually get together for a group shot.

Guys , just a heads up , we will be closed the following Saturday Sept 15th, so this Saturday is the best .
OK everyone -- it's late notice but Rob (Steamer) Wayne (FordPrefect) and I are going for 10am tomorrow since the weather now is crap all day.

Hope some of you will come out if you can........Terry (Woodstock Car Guy) I'll pm you a heads up and hope you get it.


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