More money than brains. I like the Geiger vette but not THAT Geiger vette. Maybe if it was a dark blue instead of that lime green, it might look better. But that rear end belongs on the F430, where it came from. But that's my opinion.
I really like the fronts on those cars and would agree that the 430 style tail lights are not really my cup of tea. Not a huge fan of the lime green, but out side of that, the car looks beautiful.
I thought about it and while I thought it was interestingly "different" i've realized that has now worn off and actually dislike the car. Maybe it's just the colour scheme but the tail lights are terrible.
Reminds me of
Call me crazy but I LOVE that green. I love the green and black, but I'd prefer not THAT much black. I personally would prefer it without the black halo and black hood, and I think maybe a green pinstripe around the wheels would look great. The rear end does not fit in, it makes it look like a wannabe F430.

But there are many aspects I like with this car! Bright colors look great on vettes.

Always good to see people dare to be different.

My 3 cents.:D
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