I wasn't sure where to post this, but I was wondering if there are t-shirts, hoodies,etc., that represent this site. Just something with maybe the logo and web address. Nothing cheesy or too busy looking. Just wondering if available and if not what the interest was in getting some made.:confused::canada:
I just figured that it would be a great way to represent the site and maybe add some new members. They would be perfect for track days, show and shine events and just everyday use. I'm picturing a plain t-shirt or hoodie( black or white options), the site logo on the back with the web address and maybe a small logo on the front left or be different and have it small but in the centre. A couple sponsors could always jump in and maybe have their company logo/name on the bottom of each sleeve. What do you guys think? Too much? Not enough? I'm just not a fan of the overdone cheesy car t-shirts that are out there. I don't want to be embarrassed to wear it, I want to be proud to wear it. Ideas??:confused:
LOve the idea LSX, I'm in too -- but have no hookups and my photoshop is very rusty for such a project.

Riley may have something on the burner and someone must have some skillzzzz ..

Post up everyone. I hope we can get this done.

I could be interested as well. Would have to see the shirts, as you say I don't like them cheesy things either.
Sounds Good, I'm in if their not to busy, how about our Name/Car model /year on 1 of the sleeves.???

Great Idea! We threw this idea around a while ago. If there is interest, I would difinitely look into it. Hoodies and t's are great! I'll try to find out minimum numbers for everyone this week and we'll put it up in a post!

How about the Logo we use for Business Cards seen here? http://www.canadiancorvetteforums.com/forums/news/367-ccf-cards-download-here.html

To get a decent price, I'm thinking we'll have to keep it simple IE - not customized to everyone's car or taste so your idea of a logo of our forum is a good one IMHO.......
None of us wants "cheese" or too much info or too many graphics so I say why not just have our logo. Not sure about that address tho -- how about shortening it some? (ditch the http://www. and just have ....... canadiancorvetteforums.com .....

No doubt there will be other opinions but I for one would like to keep it simple and not 'busy'. A logo or whatever on the sleeve and/or on the front would suit me.

Thanks for looking into it Riley.

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I think Colin has said it all........ I agree with him on this issue.
Just one other thing; a pocket in a golf shirt, I think would be good.
Awesome! I used to do silkcreening almost 20 years ago and I'm sure a lot has changed since then. The way it used to go was that every extra colour was extra, as well as every side(front, back, sleeves,etc.). Black, white or even ash(grey) t-shirts would look good with the forum logo( the silouette) of the C6 with the forum name and web address. Even though I personally drive a C5 Z06 I don't care about it being a C6 outline. It's representing the forum, not our personal cars. Keep it simple with a 2 colour maximum. White and ash(grey) shirts get black and red design)logo,lettering,etc) and black gets white and red. Is that a decent idea? It's impossible to cater to everyone, but if we can reach some sort of happy medium, I think most people will be pleased. The sleeve idea was only if site sponsors wanted to jump onboard to incur some of the cost.
Id be down to buy a hoody for sure.. I was apart of a different car club before and we had the club name on the front and our member names on the sleeve

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