Oct 19, 2012
I wanted some opinions on switching the original quadrajet carb to a Holley. Some friends keep insisting that it is the way to go. I also would not mind some thoughts on converting to fuel injection and what is involved in that and what kind if costs are involved in that, does the car run better ??? Sorry about the three part question.

Set up properly, the Quadrajet is one of the nicest working carbs out there. On a stock 350 stick to a 600 vacuum Holley. Bigger is not always better but guys always get sucked into buying bigger and double pumper stuff which are not what you want, especially on a stock engine. Back in 1966, a 350 hp 396 came with a 585 Holley and the were a pretty smooth running engine. If you want an excellent restoration on a factory carb, call Erick Jackson. Welcome to Vintage Musclecar Parts Professional Carburetor Restoration Service He has restored several carbs for me and the results were excellent.
I installed edelbrock tuned port injection on mine... runs beautiful even with a lumpy cam.. but it cost three grand and all of the wiring had to be lengthened to mount the ecm in a good spot. And like Keith stated .. the quadrajet is a great carb...:)
Go with the Holley , you will never look back :D

Gavin , my carb specialist swears by them and he tunes a ton of carbs .

The 1966 L34 360 hp 396 came with a 585 Holley and they seemed to work fine. Better to go a little small than too big. I ran a 650 spreadbore on a '78 GMC half ton and it actually picked up gas mileage over the factory carb with its smog calibrations.
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