Can someone help me figure out how to program the garage door opener that is in the sunviser of my 06 corvette ? I have read the manual and tried what it said, but can't get it to work. :( Thanks Paul

Don't get disheartened Paul -- Most have issue when first trying the procedure.

Keep at it -- If you try and fail, let the system sit for a minute or 2 before attempting again. -- the timing of the procedure is very important too.

I can walk you thru by phone if like -- let me know.

I had the same problem with my 07. Finally found the fix! I programmed it a few months back.

Does the LED on the visor have a image of a house? If so, you have the homelink and you are in luck.

This is what I did:

1. Press outer two visor buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds
2. Now hold down one of the buttons (the one you want to open the door), at the same time holding down your existing garage door opener remote next to the visor, until the LED on the visor blinks rapidly (now the visor is programmed)
3. Now go to the garage door opener head unit and press the learn button
4. Now back in the car repeatedly press the the button you held down until the garage door opens/closes
5. Done
You may wish to investigate the type of garage door opener on your house...some car units are not compatible with some house units...the type you need to look for are rolling code...
I suggest you visit this site for more info
This is how my 08 Z06 worked

1. Press outer 2 buttons on sun visor

2. Press button you want to control witch overhead door in your garage (up to 3 doors)

3. Press learn button on overhead opener

4. Back to car and press same button on sun visor you selected for that door

I never had to use the original door opener to set car up. I did try to but it did not work
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Ours was pretty straight forward to programme to the Craftsman door openers. Nice not to have two openers hanging off the sunvisor.

Craftsman here too Keith and fairly easy to program in on all my cars so far.

I think timing as well as waiting long enough (about a minute) between tries (after a failed attempt) can cause the most issues.

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