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Apr 23, 2012

Everyone's washed, detailed, ordered some parts/mods, and is itching to take their 'Vette somewhere this year--or this is my assumption anyway.

What's "Roadtrip 2012" looking like on your end?

I've got two road trips planned--both to the BC mountains. One for a corporate golf tournament, and another through wine country later on. Can't wait for some killer photo ops in the mountains!

Woodward sounds like fun!

Would love to do that too. Cruise to Woodward Ave anyone ????? :D

Bay of Quinte and surrounding area. Our buddy Duff would love to cruise with members down that way sometime this summer -- and what an awesome trip either for the day or overnight.

Did the Bowling Green trip last Sept with brother Terry and really enjoyed it.
ONly spent 3 days there and could easily spend another 3 there. Would love to go again and not too bad distance wise from here: about 700 miles.

Would really like to get out west (Alberta and Banff) too, like my brother did with his good friend and his C5 2 summers ago but that would be too long to be away

Many more cruises and short trips with only the odd overnight stay due to commits with animals and family ......

Should be a great summer.

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My girlfriend and I did Z06Fest last year in Bowling Green. This year I'm doing a lapping day (with instruction) at Mosport on the DDT, and I'm debating about doing a weekend HPDE at Watkins Glen. Other then that, just day trips to Grand Bend and Wasaga Beach.
Panorama is on the list for summer 2012. Having a family reunion going on so the Vette will see some mountain roads!

That's where one of my trips are too Riley. When are you planning to be there? I believe I'm going near the end of June. Can wait--if you've ever driven the road from Invermere to Panormama, you'll know what I mean. It's narrow and winding!

Should be a blast. There's something about parking the 'Vette at the golf course that I just love too..............:D

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Panorama is on the list for summer 2012. Having a family reunion going on so the Vette will see some mountain roads!

Riley, I'll get some pics up soon. Road conditions are pretty good. Highway can be a little choppy between Radium and Banff. I was unlucky enough to hit rain on the way back, and I really had to slow down:(.

Did find some nice stretches of open road to open her up--you've got to be careful where it's done around the mounains, because I hear the RCMP in BC will ticket people for going one or two KMs over the limit. THat's all I'll say about that.

I got some pics, but need to get them from camera, to computer, to photobucket, to here......give me some time.

PS: The road from Invermere to Panoram is really cool. Very windy and a lot of ups and downs. You'll have a blast because the pavement isn't too bad there either.
We,ve been in the Quinte area many times with other cars. East of Picton is the Glenora ferry which takes you across the channel to the mainland and the lake shore road to Kingston. I don't know how user friendly the ferry is for the low ground clearance of our Corvette. Driving on and off might be a bit of a challenge...or not. The lake shore drive to Kingston is nice too.
Oh how I envy you guys with trunks.......... :)

will be day tripping for me ...........

Don't let the lack of a trunk hold you back Brian. We did Myrtle Beach a couple of times and Carlisle a couple of times in our 1990 C4 Vert.
Just gotta pack like you are going on a motorcycle trip.

Cheapest trips I have ever taken. Minimal trunk space kept my wife out of the outlet malls.
(until she figured out she could ship all the crap to CBI)

The C4 vert was a great road trip car. Loved it.:canada:
OK--here's the pics of the mountin trip. I'm still heading home, so maybe get some ones in the sun too.......








Riley, you're going to love your trip!!
i went from moose jaw to nanaimo and back through the usa. drove no 3 highway to kelowna to see a cousin then the koke to abbotsford. saw snow on/in the mountains but not on the road. took in the qualicum beach show/shine on the island. did yellowstone on the way home. i saw more friendy vettes in yellowstone in 1 day than the rest of the trip. drove the beartooth highway/pass one of north america's most senic. lots of snow up top, including a few snowmobiles! comfortable car and tried to teach the wife how to pack like a biker for 2 weeks. lol

underwear is good for 4 days! front to back, inside out!
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