Feb 22, 2011
Fort McMurray,Ab
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Just got back late last night, first time going to the bike rally in Sturgis.
Was a lot tamer then I had expected.... which was good.
After a bit of research, I decided to stay at Buffalo Chip because of the bands and other entertainment at the campsite.They had all kinds of contests you could stay at the campground and be entertained all week if you want.
2 couples camping next door did not own any bikes they just came for the concerts.
3 bands every night it was a great time, never had any problems with anyone.
Every body just wanted to party and have a good time.
Some of the bands - ZZ Top - Halestorm - Kid Rock - Tesla - The Cult - Buck Cherry - Doobie Brothers - Toby Keith - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Brantley Gilbert - Rob Zombie

I have never seen so many bikes in one place at the same time
Here are a few picks

wild bills death chair
Sturgis sure isn't a small bike get together is it? Looks like it was a lot of fun!

From what I hear from friends that have gone over the years, I don't think the Sturgis bike rally of new is anything like the Sturgis of old. I wonder if the H.A.'s and 1%er's even bother going anymore? Did you see many of them there?
Years ago it was guys with home made choppers being held together with duct tape and wire. Barely enough gas money to get there.
Today average age is 45 and they are pulling in with their motor coaches or 5th wheel toy haulers and 2 newer Harleys.
Still lots of people tenting it who rode there, I met a couple of guys from New Zealand who had their bikes flown to L.A. but they could not clear customs. So they rented 2 and rode from L.A. At one of the concerts I met 2 others from England while waiting in the line up for more beer.
The police are out in force down there lots on foot patrol in the towns, highway patrol / state troopers looking after the roads
Did see one gang of about 20 or so bikes but did not pay attention to what colors they had on.
We toured around a little bit Sturgis, Rapid city, Hill city, Silver city, Deadwood.
Got poured on when we went to Mount Rushmore had to wait in Hill city for the rain to slow down, met a group of bikers who wore higher up in the mountains (needles area) that got hailed on they were frozen. They had to wait 45 mins for a plow to open the road so they could get down
last years attendance 416 072
largest crowd to date 2000 had 633 000
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Had a friend who went there by bike, from here in Cambridge and had a blast.
We lost him to cancer recently but he said his trip to Sturgis was unbelievable and a must do whether you own a bike or not.

Love those combo bike/car creations ..... very creative.

Thanks for sharing, SF -- It made me think of my departed buddy once again and some fond memories.

Hope I make it there some day too.

Are you freaking kidding me!? A town with the population of 6,000 has half a million people show up to the bike rally! No wonder it's tough to find a spot or get around!!! I had no idea it was that huge! Very cool to learn!
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