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Apr 23, 2012
In my efforts to try getting the maplights out yesterday (converting to LEDs), I've realzed that not one of my interior lights are working now--WTF?!?!. I can't tell which fuse to check either--in case it's something related to a blown fuse.:swear:

Anyways, I'll explain more.

I tried taking out the maplights yesterday evening--what a pain in the ass! They're still in there, and no lights came on this morning upon entering my vehicle. I was working on the engine bay light yesterday evening when i called it quits. I Got the original halogen out, but left the LED install for today--because work is needed on the brass rings to install the LEDs properly.:swear:

Today I go to the car and get in, the battery is fine, dash lights where the gauges are come on, but no maplights. When I go to check the trunk, same thing. I tried installing the LED under the hood--nothing.:confused:. Last night it was all working. Could my muddling with the maplights all evening have blown a fuse?

Anyone know what the hell is happening here? If it's a fuse, which one should I look at? They're labeled in such a way that I can't identify which one to check. :confused::confused::confused:

Any help is appreciated.:(:(:(

The trunk lights looked great too, and I was pretty excited about my newest mod. Now I'm choked that I might have done something wrong. Not to mention, the time and effort the LED conversion is taking is starting to get me pretty frustrated.:swear::eek::eek:. I really don't see this as anything close to a 15 minute plug-and-play. then again, I'm more useless than the average bear too.............

Someone please help!!
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Bummer you're having so much diff with these lights -- Keep it together tho -- you'll get thru it ......

Sounds like a fuse -- Mine is located in the panel under the dash on the passenger side -- id'd as CTSY/Lamp (10 amp I believe).
Look for a broken link to id a faulty fuse.

BTW- I've not done my courtesy lights up front yet and I'm beginning to wonder if I will.

I assume you've edited your post to remove all the expletives?:D

That sucks, that really does suck when a fun project turns into a pita and frustration. Do you have a manual or just with the instructions? It must be a fuse or maybe there is not enough of a voltage drop to have them turn on? Beats me but that sucks. You'll have to tell me about it over a beer tonight.
Riley--looks like I'm not coming until tomorrow--not sure what time. It's possible I might come by late enough tonight for a beer, but the truck is still @ Crappy Tire.

I'm going to look for the fuse, just didn't want to pull all of them out to look at them, LOL. I hope I don't need to hire someone to finish this mod--I'm trying to get my rims and rubber here........

Looks like it was the fuse after all. Going to buy some more--so we'll see. I hope that's all it was; however, I still have to worry about how I'm going to get the damn maplights out, LOL. SAD......
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To get the map lights out, start by jacking it up and removing the tires. Once they are off, you can remove the exhaust to get the motor out. With the motor removed, take off the fenders and doors, seats and steering wheel. Now the car should be light enough so you can flip it over onto it's roof making the map lights easy to get at.

A couple actual tips I found was using some dental floss and making a slip knot to go around the bulb and pulling them out, or another using a small piece of fuel line hose slipped over the bulb and pulling them out.
Well, I've started back up on my LED "project"......

Now I'm having a hard time getting the new (LED) bulbs in the license plates. Got the old ones off OK, but for some reason, the bulbs won't "plug" properly--almost like they're too big.

As long as I have gloves on, can I touch the diode? I may need more grip to try forcing these babies in a little better. Other than that, I'm a little stumped as to getting this bad-boys installed.

The footwells look like a whole new pain too, HAHA.

As I said--stupid, blasted LEDs...........................

Not expecting any help here--just venting. That being said, if you have any tips, I' m still all ears.......

I figured it out. I went to Home Depot, bought some plastic-tubing for a few bucks, jammed it into the maplights, and yanked them out. Worked like a charm! I recommend this over the string system any day of the week. It took literally 2 seconds!!:D

It's tough to see if the new LEDs are in all the way, but they're on. I'll try posting some pics soon--it's still too light out to take a good picture.

I've now successfully installed the trunk LEDs, maplights, and license plate LEDs. The hood LED is in too, but I need to make some changes to make it shine on the engine instead of to the side.:p

All that's left are the reverse lights and the footwells--which look like real pigs to get at. Anyways, I'm happy I finally got the maplights in...........they were really getting me choked.:mad:
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More like cigar, 6-pack of import beer, case of scotch, free pizza, and day at the spa (auto-spa if he'd rather), and an obligatory pat on the back. This was truly driving my crazy, and to think how easy they came out in the end.............sheeesh, LOL.
More like cigar, 6-pack of import beer, case of scotch, free pizza, and day at the spa (auto-spa if he'd rather), and an obligatory pat on the back. This was truly driving my crazy, and to think how easy they came out in the end.............sheeesh, LOL.

hahahaha, I'm sure he'd settle for the pat on the back -- He's that kind of guy.:D

/Kudos to our man Riley.

Yes, kudos work very well for me!....although a day at the spa......for the car may be good!:D

I'm really glad to hear the map lights are out and now we have someone on here that can offer first hand experience! That is awesome! I am looking forward to seeing the pics!

Good luck with the foot wells and reverse lights!
This project is almost done. Anyone do the footwells? Does the entire panel come off, or do I pop the lens out like in the other lights from the panel itself. It feels a little flimsy in there, so I don't want to break anything.

There seems to be a way to get that panel out if I wanted to, but again, I fear the sound of snapping plastic.


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