Apr 14, 2011
2007 c6
I posted this in the tech section just reposting here hoping for more replys
thank you
OK so here's the deal.My 2007 C6 auto when I nail it sometimes at speeds between 72-75 klm per ,stumbles,breaksdown ,bogs like perhaps its starved for fuel,hit a rev limiter ? Now it will only do this once perhaps twice then all is well . Any ideas? Please
Is it just happen at 75km/hr or is it related to a certain RPM?
There could be so many things that could cause this issue, I had a OEM rocker puke
needle bearing out everywhere. Noticed the engine bog at 4000rpm when giving her
the gas on the hwy. I took to Manny's and we found the rockers where a bit loud,
pulled the covers and found the rocker was shot.
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-if check engine light is on scan right away

if no light it might be a non electronic part

-try repeating the bog down in paddle shift mode in different gears to try and eliminate the trans as the problem i. e. happens in 4th only or happens in 3rd 4th 5th and 6th

the only rev limiter is at 6500rpm

make sure no leaks from the airflow meter to the intake manifold. the boot can fail

check the usual plugs wires coils connections

repeat the bog with a scan tool hooked up with live data stream or memory
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