Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
You never know when something like this is going to happen and these guys were fortunate that the car didn't take off and plow into the people on the side line. Then it would have been headline news. I saw another video where the same thing happened to a Camaro and it sideswiped a car before coming to a stop. Video: 4th-Gen Camaro Loses Rear Wheel In Street Race! - LSXTV
unfortunately the street problems are far worse now than in bygone eras. the perception people have of dragstrips is not a good one. strips have been disappearing now at a steady rate for years. some of my favourites are long gone. i used to enjoy racing at toronto international at georgetown,deseronto was always fun too. rumours have been around for a long time about building a strip at mosport but sadly that's all they are,rumours. the goal ever since the 2nd hot rod appeared has been to get it off the streets and onto the track. but tell me where are the dragstrips in reasonable proximity ?
Cayuga is still open, 20 minute drive from my place. But it sure isn't anything like it used to be in the old days.
I remember my wife and I taking a nephew to Cayuga in the early/mid seventies. When we turned down the road to the Cayuga track, there seemed to be as many cars coming up the road as going down. When we got there, the bleachers were nearly empty and the pits were full. At first we thought we had our dates wrong. When we got to the ticket guys, we found out why. It was going to cost us something like $65 whether we stayed 20 minutes or the whole weekend. They thought people would pay whatever. We turned around and left too. $65 was a LOT of money back then. I've only ever been back once since then with a friend for a test and tune day and the track certainly doesn't make any money on those days. You can kill the golden goose with greed and mismanagement. We went to Shannonville a few years ago for a car show and nostalgia drag weekend. It was a bit of a disorganized bust too.
A perfect example of an amateur driver with no idea of the power under foot. Looks like he did the pedal to the metal thing and held it there. There are two ways to learn and one is the easy way. You figure out the other one. Getting out of shape happens a lot quicker than people realize.

inexperience+high torque+street tires= well, you can do the math. :eek:
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