Question Storage for future Corvette.


Jan 23, 2020
Thinking of buying a vette for my retirement, But have limited garage space. Any Ideas for storing a Corvette ? Thanks.

The first one that comes to mind is a 4-post lift, which was my solution (see below), but that depends upon your garage height and the height of the other vehicle. Or to save space, some have suggested a 2-post or even a 1-post lift.

If that's not possible, then some will install a "car port" if there's room outside, leaving the Corvette inside the garage and your daily driver under the car port. has various examples of car ports, from totally enclosed to just a roof overhead.

Or if nothing else, some will park the Corvette outside and throw an outdoor car cover over it.

Then there's always the solution of parking the Corvette at a friend's place if you're fortunate enough to know a generous person with available space. Or paying for storage which can be pricey depending upon your area. Good luck!

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