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Jul 25, 2014
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Ok speaking with GM, they stated that, if obtained, the coupon that can be obtained on the website (1500) is good, however, only for 45 days?!?!? That really doesn't make sense to me as the purpose is to get someone to buy the product, some of which won't appear until next March.

Worse yet... don't know what some are smoking because I have refreshed and moved around that site a million times I think. Heck, I could sell the cars.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Apparently the needed coupon from the site has to have one input their email and name? and has an authorization code? I have received one from a fellow Vette lover that he received in Port Dover, but it requires no info; it appears to be just the page.

Is anyone an expert at obtaining these coupons? If so... enter Les (AT) and my name is Les Tokar ehehe.

Or...teach me how!!! Thanks ahead!
Les, I've been on the GM website trying to get the elusive coupon to appear too. No luck yet.

Would a call to GM help? I don't really understand these silly coupon games that are played but this one is a considerable amount of money and would be worthy of a few phone calls for some help.

Good luck. In the meantime I've noted your email and name and if I ever get the dang thing to appear I'll be sure to input them for you.

Thanks boss... I already tried the call route without success. I appreciate you trying and trust me, what goes around comes around if you can save me that cash eheh.

GM site is down right now...whoi knows maybe they are putting up the 2015 vette eheh.
We're all vette brothers .. no worries man...glad to help out.

Found this which you may not have read:

[Chevrolet] $1500 off eligible GM vehicle coupon - Forums

I see GM is back up and running again , as I'm sure you already know.

I wonder if somehow you could get help from a dealer. After all it would probably cement a deal for him and he/she may have better 'luck' at getting this discount.

Just a thought.

Owais .. is there anything that you can do with regard to this $1500 coupon?

The big hiccup is the 'take delivery before' does this work for orders that bring us into the Spring?
Hello Forum Mates,

I understand there are afew questions about this elusive coupon. Believe me it does exist and some people have been successful in getting it but lately we havent seen too many people visiting our dealership with this coupon either. There were a lot of them in late June and early July.

@AllFlash: The GM site was down today and so was the internal GM Global Connect. I heard that the GM Global Connect outage was linked to the flood in Detroit last night which shut down the system. Im not sure if was part of the same outage or not. Anyway it is up and running now.

The GM Coupon program goes upto March 2015 according to the program details i have access to. This is subject to change by GM at anytime.

My understanding is that the coupon is random however they are targeted to visitors based on your IP address and/or Postal Code -- meaning they only have a certain amount of coupons targetted for a specific geographic region per month. Also the voucher can appear on any page. It popped up for me in the GM Career's section. Once I signed myself up for it it never showed up again so I think it tracks your past history via Cookies/Digial Signatures etc. Some people have had luck by bowsing in the "incognito" mode or "private" mode of your browser. On another forum i read that some people got the voucher only after spending afew minutes on the page so it would appear only for a person who the website "qualifies" as a customer looking for additional info before making a purchase.

But please make sure that you have not blocked Pop-Ups in your browser settings or you will not get it. If it does appear you will have about 15 mins to fill out the form and accept or it would disappear.

As this is a GM Direct Marketing program the dealers are unable to help a customer get the voucher. I have tried going on chatline to see if the chat rep can direct me to get a voucher for a customer or to email it to them directly but no luck there.

The purpose of the 45 or 60 day expiry is because these vouchers are issued for current active buyers who visit for their initial research. The voucher is to help the customer in selecting a GM vehicle over others. Also the voucher can only be used towards a purchase or lease of a vehicle which is currently in stock at a dealer (Status 5000) so if you are placing a factory order and your voucher expires before you pick up your vehicle then you will not be able to use it. If your delivery is expected sometime in December then you should probably try getting it starting Late October and November.

For anyone expecting a delivery from Feb-May 2015 they should definately visit the GM booth at the Toronto Auto Show and sign yourself for the additional $ 500 Voucher. This is a guaranteed voucher and you can sign up at any of the official AutoShows across Canada (Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver etc. The expiry is different for each location). If you are unable to attend yourself then ask a friend or family to sign you up if they go there. Your dealer may be able to assist you with this as well - if you ask.

The last person on this forum who got the Online voucher last week is from BC, so its possible they are currently focusing these vouchers in that province. If you have a friend or relative in BC who wants to help you out then you can ask them to try getting you a voucher. A voucher from BC is still valid throughout Canada. The name on it has to be yours though.

One more thing. Accepting this voucher for a purchase is comletely at a dealerships discretion. It is voluntary. therefore not all dealership are currently accepting them but they are welcome at my dealership, Gateway Chevrolet in Brampton, ON.

I hope I have answered all questions.

For any specific questions feel free to PM me or reply to this post.

Best of luck!

Your helpful attitude truly gets to me. You were my first call and only time will tell if my choice to go with Canadas largest seller was a wise one. I have no doubt in my mind, however, that my coming to you right off would have seen me with an order number by now...something I know that at least 3 of us havent elsewhere.

Kudos to you my friend.
Thanks Owais -- much obliged for your explanations.

One thing I'm not clear on: can I fill out a coupon for someone else or does the person who is going to use it need to fill it out themselves?

If you fill it out for someone will go to that email eont it for printing?
If you fill it out for someone will go to that email eont it for printing?

OK.....I wasn't sure how closely they tracked them. BTW I've seen on gm's website that they ask for one's postal code as well as email and name.
If you don't want to post your postal code then pm it to me JIC.

Ok so I was able to get a $500 coupon from the site last night, expiry of October 12, 2014 and it does have the caveat that it is at the dealers discretion. It contains name, e-mail, phone and provides an authorization code and Bars code.

I got it while selecting Test Drive and it popped up immediately.

Still trying for that $1500...

Now let's discuss the loyalty program. I do not have a GM vehicle, having bought a Ford Edge after my Yukon last year. My dealer says it may apply even if I dont own a GM vehicle. Can anyone explain?
just tried now searching for Vette and it popped up. Gave me a bar code and a Bars code ( whatever that is). Good for $1500 off until Oct 14th..... now likely not going to use it....can I use it for a deposit on a 15Z06:rofl:

The coupon can only be used for a vehicle in a dealers inventory (status 5000). So you can use it towards a purchase of any vehicle that is available for immediate purchase (even if it involves dealer trades). But not for factory order unless of course your vehicle arrives at the dealer before the expiry of your coupon.

These coupons are of great value to customers and not everyone is getting one so congrats on your success!

BTW we have a 2014 C7 3LT Automatic in stock right now that you could use it towards. And we can help you arrange for it shipped to you in Alberta.

Best of luck!

First off congrats on getting the $ 500 voucher! you worked very hard for it we all know. If you are thinking of purchasing/leasing another vehicle before its expiry please let me know as I would be very happy to earn your business.

The Loyalty program you referred to above is actually a Conquest program.

Its targetted towards people who do not currently have a GM vehicle but do own/lease a vehicle from 1999 or newer. Usually this would be available as a Loyalty Program only from time to time on specific vehicles for current owners of a specific GM vehicle.

Afew weeks back GM extended this program to first time GM buyers (Conquest Program). And i am happy to confirm that Corvettes are not excluded from this. This would save you an additional $ 750 from your purchase price.

Conquest Program runs from Aug 1st - Sept 2nd, 2014 for reported deliveries (not placing orders).

All GM vehicles eligible except for 2015 Cadillac Escalade.

Please let me know if you need any additional info.

Best Regards,
Thanks Owais....actually in Ottawa and got my first seat and listen to a 14 black Vette 3LT....nice. I had to laugh though as the salesman stated they just got it in and it was their first and only 14 Vette.
LOL! First 2014 Vet?

Did you tell him that some GM dealerships will be getting their first 2015 in afew weeks?

Drive safe on your way back and if you like stop by my dealership to take a look at the 2014 3LT we have in the showroom (assuming its not sold by then).

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