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Apr 23, 2012

Anyone know of a few good options for a C6 to upgrade my stereo deck. What I'm looking for is:

1. Something with an aux line in (for connection to my MP3).
2. The ability to change colour of the LED screen (touchscreen).
3. Something that will support my GPS system in the car.
4. Something with a little mor epower than the factory Bose system, but nothing so extreme that I am worried about blowing the factory speakers.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm not in a huge rush, as the headers sound pretty good, but sooner or later, I will get sick of the radio.


Hi Vince, I took out my Bose Nav and went to a JVC ARSENAL unit. It has aux in on front and USB in at back as well as capacity to connect iPhone/IPod unit to play music/video. Screen and buttons can change to any color under the rainbow. Need a OS-2Bose box the connect to Bose amps. I think it sounds better than factory unit and is only $750 total.
This unit uses a GPS app off iPhone that you can use on the touchscreen and runs turn by turn directions and will turn down the iTunes playing.

My 2 cents.
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Factory navigation. I like it, but would be cool to have more graphics and more importantly, have the input for my MP3.

What other options did you look at Rocky?
This unit has the ability to display and uploaded pic of your choice. Will also show artist, song title and the graphic loaded with the song if you have it. It's not as fancy as a $1000 to $1500 Kenwood but does the job I need.

I looked at the Kenwoods and ALpines but all onboard GPS in them comes at a price, you have to pay to update them. I'm kinda cheap so I figure if I have a system on my phone that works and will upload to the stereo why not? MotionX GPS Drive is a free download and then the turn by turn voice function is $25.00 for a lifetime registration.

I also looked at adding the GM PALS unit to add IPhone functionality. I didn't go this way because they were backorderd at the time and I would still have the old Bose that needs and expensive GPS update disk. I was still running the original maps from 2005.

The unit I bought is a JVC Arsenal kw-adv65bt. Check out the specs and then you can compare to the other units your interested in.

I did change out the rear 5.25" speakers to a 2-way JL Audio and I wouldn't recommend it. they supply so little sound that the Bose speakers would do just fine. I find the sound a bit cleaner and more balanced as you can spend a large amount of time with the EQ balancing the sound and crossover frequencies and emphasis.
Depending on how fancy you really want to get and whether or not you plan to add a sub, you can add an audiocontrol epicenter with auxiliary in for an iPod or mp3 input. This will also give you the chance of adding a sub/amp for better low end. The factory system with the low frequencies dialed out and the sub (single 8 or 10) will fill out the low frequencies and your car will sound fantastic. Bonus? Factory look, functionality and integration. The cost should run the same as the head units you're looking at in the end, sound wayyyy better.
Lots of great suggestions so far. Thanks guys!

hln, lets discuss in person. Looking forward to it......
i am using the pioneer aph 8400 model. it has iphone/ipad interface cable(option). it has 2 usb ports, sd, cd, dvd, mp3, it's a dble din for factory look. also has availability to add camera for back up. if you are big into youtube for example, you can create a playlist and play it on the video screen, i use google maps thru the interface cable for my nav. might be worth a look.
HLN A55 I need more info! Want to improve and sounds like you have a good line on how to combine/use some of the existing system!
I just picked up a Pioneer AVH-X4800BS for $400 at 2001 Audio. Going to put the deck in my C6 next weekend when the interface harness comes in from Crutchfield. I thought the deal at 2001 Audio was great as Crutchfield was selling this deck for $550.

I think this deck will do everything you want.
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