Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Had flown down to Kentucky on Wednesday---came home Friday (my birthday)--thought I would get out a little early and go home to shower up. Key in the ignition --the dreaded "Steering Column Lock" comes up on my display--BEGGER!!! Phoned Manny (of course!!) He had a bypass relay at his place. Went back next morning and it fired right up--no steering locked or anything---straight to Manny's place---Rob and himself where fixing other vehicles as usual. Installed in 15 minutes---No more problems!!!--Thanx guys!!!!!:canada:
Glad you got her fixed, I never had a column lock issue but decided to purchase the bypass
kit off the net and
install it anyways for good measure, glad I did when you heard all the stories and it always happends when
you do not expect it.
Exactly---when I bought the car in the US 2 years ago--it was on the recall that the wiring harness had been replaced---so I never gave it another thought! Until last Friday as soon as I saw the code come up I thought "Oh boy here we go!!"----so the moral of the story is "Go see Manny and get the Bypass installed before your car leaves you stranded!!!":driving:
Yes you should, its very cheap and easy to do, if you get locked out its going
to cost you lots for the tow. Talk to Manny when your there Paul.
Yes you should, its very cheap and easy to do, if you get locked out its going
to cost you lots for the tow. Talk to Manny when your there Paul.

Will do thanks Greg, if you are in Gtown drop by for a beer...:D
The problem is that there is a glitch where the computer thinks that the steering column is locked when you have the key on and it is not really locked.

GM had issues with a few steering columns locking while people were driving their cars so they had a recall done. To the best of my knowledge, this involved disabling the pin that locks the steering wheel, installing a wiring harness (K-harness, because it is shaped like a K) that does something else and programing the ECM to cut fuel to the engine should it think that the steering column is locked when the key is on and the car is traveling over 2mph.

The has left many people stranded and has been blamed on things such as a low battery, etc. When this happened to me I tried pulling fuse #25, waiting 10 minutes, putting it back in, pulling fuse #10 and waiting, disconnecting the battery and charging it up, blah, blah, blah. The best thing to do is to order and CLB or Column Bypass Lock from Corvettes of Houston. This eliminates the K-harness that GM put in during the recall and sends a signal to the computer to tell it everything is great with the column when start your car. I also had a tuner increase the 2mph fuel cut off to 256mph so that if the CLB ever failed and I got this error code again, I would not be stranded.
It's awesome.

That I can't disagree with!

What a ride difference from the C4, I'm SO happy I changed cars.

I ordered a nav deck and new bezel to allow it to fit. Also the JBL sub, I kept thr rims off my C4 that I changed out. Not sure what is on my list to do next..
I'm am an easy going guy :) so some smart remark isn't going to get me going LOL

Once I get it, 100% i'll take a pic .. i got some from the guy showing the bezel modified, and it looks so sweet!! he can customize it anyway you want, gauges, anything. looks factory, or, you can get leather, carbonfibre etc..

I went for the factory look
[mob][/mob]I put the nav deck in, just waiting on the bezel. I also put in the jbl stealth sub and hid my amp :)

Also changed out the door 3.5 speaker to give a cleaner sound :) so much better!

I found the Bose in my C4 sounded better, odd eh?

What an improvement though! waiting for my camera to arrive, so i'll have reverse vision ;)
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