Jun 10, 2014
2007 Z06 silver
so when I drive my vette for a long period of time ( hour or so) when I shut it off and it sits for 20-30 mins sometimes when I go to start it back up it spudders, shakes and stinks and wont fully start.. Ill wait a few minutes , keep trying and the boom it starts. It sounds very unhealthy and I'm really concerned with the issue. My battery seems okay( 12.7 v at rest) and I changed the FOB battery today. think it might be fuel issue or air lock possibly?? it always starts good when its cold. It's really random and seems weird. car is a 2007 Z06 with 20k on it. it's also supercharged so if the stock fuel pump hasn't been changed I'm thinking that could be a source to the problem as I bought the car with all the mods done. I just got the car and this really sucks. any ideas or suggestions?

it has the e force supercharger #1572 B&B headers, x pipe with cats, and bullet mufflers. custom tune. car drives awesome when running , just has occasional issue to start.

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