Mar 13, 2010
2007 Z06
I rented St Thomas Dragway Friday Oct 8th.....Have 11 cars paid and attending so far and am inviting anyone from here that is interested to come...fee is $50/Car due by Thursday Oct 7th 5pm and can be paid to me directly via interac email money transfer or I can meet you for cash in person, rental is 11-4.....leaving from Yorkdale Mall at approx 830am so if you wish to attend please PM me and let me know you wish to come....have a 2010 Viper ACR, 06 Saleen Mustang, Shelby GT500,07 Z06, and ome other nice machinery attending, no pressure just come and have some fun! Track is in Sparta On, about 30 min South off the 401 in itll be a fun cruise to and from the track aswell....from yorkdale its about 1.5-1.75hr cruise to the gates....hope some of you can make it out!
I'm really tempted... went last Friday to the rental day at TMP, had a blast, the rain screwed up the rest of my weekend plans to get my boat ready to be hauled out of the water... planned on doing it this weekend.... what if we just meet you at the track and pay up there if we decide to go? BTW - will the track be prepped with traction compound?

yes if you show up its $50 bucks, look for me I was also at the TMP rental last week with the Yellow Z06 and the Red GT500, $50/car and now that I have the number needed to cover the minimum you can show up with your car and $50 and pay me at the track.....also bunch of the cars going are meeting at 401 Dixie Countrystyle at 830-845am and pulling out by 9am, track will be ready to go by 1130 so its about 1:45-2hrs from the countrystyle to the track which gives everyone about 30-45 mins to get settled teched in and swap out wheels if necessary......hop to see you guys their, will have my Z06,my Shelby,Buddy is coming in a Brand New 2010 Viper ACR, few fox body mustangs, few Mustang Cobras, so will be a good mix is looking like sunny and 20 degrees so everything looks great for a fun day!
Couldn't make it... wasat the boat all day in Pt Dover getting it ready for winter haul out...sooooooo.... how bout some pics and times???
The air was pretty good today, musta bin some fast ones....
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