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Feb 24, 2009
bc canada
corvette silver c6
Check out spring into summer classic at kelowna MAY 15th-17th in kelowna bc AWESOME things to do TONS of vettes and shows[even concours events] rallies ,banquets,drinking,car shows ,nice weather and tons of other stuff!!! Kelowna Corvette Club PM me if you want to arrange a get together!!!!
ALL vettes and all kinds of people and beautiful areas for mountain cruisin. JUST LIKE GENE SIMMONS SAYS:: You want the best you got the best! Get your car ready and i'll show you the best mountain twistees with hardly any traffic!!!
That would be fun...think I would have to throw a few Jerry cans in the back for that trip!
How is the security at the hotel for those events?...I don't think I could sleep in the C3 :D
Sure nice to see car show events being announced again!:canada:
peach cruise car show about 500 cars last year! they upped limit to 700 this year. this is a more all around show, If your into vettes kelowna is all vettes! I`m lucky to get to both.Don`t worry about hotel security. Kelowna and penticton have most millionaires in canada. No comparison to crime in saskatchewan. I wouldn`t leave my c6 without my eyes on it in saskatoon or regina. In kelowna get used to seeing ferarris and lambos and a lot less young punk low life criminals like sask cities! Beleive me poverty is no excuse for crime and that`s why we moved out here, We were sick of dealing with property crime and 3 garage breakins! By same guy and he always got of with a slap on hand because he said he had no dad and bla bla bla?%$/
Anyone interested pm me your email and i`ll send you penticton info from organizers Dam good time and hot nice sunny weather and hell you can bring wife and she can pick cherries and visit wineries,So much to do out here, Then we can arrange mountain runs . Roads are awesome her!:D
That's a pretty convincing sales-pitch 07silvervette17, and I (we) definitely will keep it in mind! :coolgleam:
Long weekends are always a bitch for getting-off-and- back-on the island. Ferry line-ups are unbelievable! So at this time I can't say yea or nay for sure. But it is a possibility.
Just a thought and comment regarding Okanagan Crime: In the summer of '07, Mrs.X-SPAN and I toured the Okanagan area in our C6. We visited a friend in Cawston (he has acres of old cars : lots of A's and T's. I don't want to publish his name but no doubt every gearhead in the Ok Valley knows who I'm talking about!), and stayed overnight. Always safe, always good, no problem!
The next night we met up with some V.Island friends in Penticton and spent that night at a motel. The next morning I discovered the rubber molding on the bottom of both door windows folded in where a "slim-jim" had been inserted. Thankfully there was no permanent damage. But I was rattled just the same.
I didn't have wheel locks so I was gratefull to see the car still had wheels!:eek:
We continued north through Kelowna, Vernon, and Kamloops and spent the next night in Lillooet. I can't think of any other place(well, maybe home is still best) where I've felt safer or more comfortable for the night than in good old Lillooet. :seeya:
BTW, the stretch of Hiway 99 beginning just outside of Clinton, BC, and heading west through Lillooet then on to Pemberton and finally to Whistler is more fun than a roller-coaster....especially in a Corvette!
HEY! Saskatchewan isn't that bad! I've only had my truck broken into three times, and vandalized once (damn neighbors 'friends'), my garage broken in four times, and three bikes stolen. What are you complaining about? Isn't this normal for Canada?:rofl:
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