We got dumped on with about 4 inches last night. :swear:

-7C out right now. Everything is covered in white again. Might have the Vette out by July at this rate. :swear: :swear: :swear: :swear:
Beautiful cold morning 15 (f) so I hit the road at 2am for a little speed driving for a couple hours stopped for breakfast and the waitresses we're dressed for St Patrick's day .
Forecast is for a foot of snow Tuesday night
HEY!!!!! We are supposed to be getting into springtime weather and look at what we get. 14F and a snow storm coming. Does that groundhog have anything to do with this? :swear: Peterborough, Ontario - 7 Day Forecast - Environment Canada

......I'd say that little varmint is on very thin ice.
Some say he left for parts unknown --he was concerned for his life.:rofl:

We've been spoiled in previous years -- especially last year when summer started in March.

I would say we're pretty much back to normal.
Next week is looking nothing special and cold but the one after you can see up upward trend in temps and amount of sunshine. (if one can believe the forecasts)

Having a great car or 2 waiting for the open road makes one a little anxious too.

We're almost there folks.....just a little while longer.

I don't care if we get a foot of snow, I'm still going to be at the Peterborough airport for lunch on Wednesday. ;) The weather man seems to be calling for only an inch or two here. That worries me. :confused: That IS when we get the foot of snow.
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