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Apr 17, 2013
Greater Toronto Area
2015 Z06/Z07

60th Anniversary edition with the 7.0L engine. So far, WOW!

I am VERY excited to get this car out on the track this fall ... I hate to rush summer but track day can't come soon enough!

Look forward to reading posts on this forum through the summer to learn more about everyone's experiences with the C6 Vette.

Take care!

Welcome to the forum!. I also took delivery of my first Vette in the last couple months, a 60th Anniversary Arctic White Z06. Mine has had to sit in heated storage since i got er' on December 30th. I will post more pictures of it when we get rid of our snow!! The sound of the 427 is just sweet!

Congrats on your new ride.......it looks deadly!

My father used to live in Port Perry, and it appears your picture is over by Castle Harbour Estates? (he lived on Castle Harbor Drive)

Welcome (Stuart?) -- and congrats on the anniversary edition 7 liter.
There are many here who are first time owners including me .. mine is an '11 GS coupe now with a few mods and of course loving it too.

There are many track days btw now and fall -- why wait 'til then?....:D

Another member here (Gray) --Graham, was mentioning a track day coming up at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and Toronto Motorsports Park the end of April... Sorry have no other details at the moment but shouldn't be hard to get their sched.

Can't wait to see your new ride -- she's a beauty.

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Congrats on the new car! Looks beautiful. I am a first time owner and new to Corvettes too. Lots to learn but I am getting there as you will too. Good bunch of guys here and a great resource for mods/issues. Lovin' every minute of it....
Thanks everyone! Wish the weather would cooperate a little more with us! Snow again today! Crazy!

I look forward to getting to know you folks and will try to find the info on an track days ... Mosport is great and close but would love to make a day trip with some other Vettes down to the Toronto track as well.


Absolutely gorgeous! I love the 60th anniversary paint scheme. You'll love the LS7 and what it has to offer. Now if only the weather will cooperate so that you can enjoy it.:thumbup::cool:

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427 gotta love those numbers! Great looking car, congrats!

Bob - for me they've been magic since I first heard them in the early 60's, '64 I think.....

They will always hold a certain mystique for we who lived cars and engines back in that era. That was the ultimate machine #. Unforgettable.:)

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