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Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
Those of you familiar with the stretch of Highway 7 between Lindsay and Peterborough will recognize this on the south side of the highway, a few kms. east of Omemee...



And, right next door, on the other side of their shared driveway...



They've reroofed over the years, but the signs magically reappear every time. :D

Google Maps

The stories they could tell.

Be sure to have a look on your way to the Peterborough Airport get together.
Living in Omemee, we go by these places pretty well every time we go to town. I think it has become a bit of a tourist attraction. They've been side by side for quite a few years so I would assume that they get along...... I really know nothing at all about either.
what i heard was that the guy to the west objected to the jesus sign and put up elvis in order to get jesus to remove it. well , jesus refused and so did elvis thus it became a stalemate and has remained since. now this is third-hand info, but i always thought it sounded reasonable.
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