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New C5er

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Jul 25, 2012
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2002 Convertible
Had anyone completely sound proofed the entire floor of their vette?. What kind pf material did you use too? Besides the messy looking underside ,what about rust proofing the underside?
will it keep out tire smoke ?:D

3.08 rear and a THM400; not a lot of tire smoke to worry about! I'd have to pour a bottle of bleach on the ground first. LOL!

The shielding does cut down on the heat coming through the floor and tunnel. I'd like to put some in the cargo area to cut down on road noise a bit.

Thanks Soulsurfer, I'll try that. There is a video on Youtube where the guy was changing out the shifter and adding the insulation at the same time. I'll try to find that one again.

C5 Corvette Sound Deadener Results - YouTube

so sorry to hear of your noise :canada: I told you my car (convertible) has Michelin tires:coolgleam: The car is as quiet as a caddy :D note in the video... the owner has Goodyear tires :mad:
I used a heat barrier under my carpets, but it sure did nothing for sound. :D


These are liberally distributed to any passenger who requests them. I always wear them.

I did my entire car with a dynomat style of material. purchased from a company called Madvette. (no longer in Business). Some vendor on the other forum still sells the product.
It came in a pre cut package. I had to completely strip the interior down to the bare bones. Took the seats out, door panels off, console out. You name it. The car looked like the space shuttle
The difference in road noise and heat was like night and day.


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