Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
Here's how we do winter on the West Coast: Vancouverites took full advantage of the brilliant sunshine to get outside and play Sunday at Kitsilano Beach.

Boys & Girls..
We might have spoke too soon here...!
We woke up to frost today!! Are you kidding me....!!
This sucks...Much more of this and I'm moving!

I'm not saying we have it as bad as you Easterners but any more snow than this and we shut-down here!
Everyone in Toronto / Ontario / Quebec must be hating this thread.

The next two weeks looks decent in Alberta....... every step helps to shorten winter.

3.6 quake recently near Vancouver... don't jinx yourself bragging about the nice weather.... haha

You guys know we are just funnin' ya.
We truly do feel badly for all the cold and snow you are experiencing.

And, unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it.

But, we know it will end; and you will have nice,warm weather.
So hang in there guys.
LOL, Do the letters F. O. mean anything to ya at all?

J/K brother -- Enjoy what you got ........ Our time will come when you eventually send that warmth out way.

It warmed all the way up to minus 13 here in Cambridge today......AND they say it'll be almost f'n "freezing" by the weekend...:mad:

No worries tho, it's a "dry cold" ..........

Have a few brewskis on the beach for us poor frozen bastages. :D

It was so cold here I almost had to use the choke to start the lawn-mower!!

Sorry. I spent all day thinking that one up..!

We watch the news and you guys are getting pounded.

Stay huddled.

I feel guilty. In Tucson until next Monday. 75 today sunny with light breeze.

Off the NHRA National event in Phoenix on Saturday. One off the bucket list.

Minus 32 at home this morning. Looking forward to it. Well not really.
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