Nov 13, 2009
Simcoe On
2008 4LT convert
Someone got a great deal on Kijiji on the weekend and I missed it :mad:....2009 black on black convert with 17000 km on it in Woodstock asking $35000., not sure what it sold for but that's the best deal i've seen yet! Was too busy to call and it was delisted before I called my bad!....shudda wooda coulda!
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drive out to get it

you wil enjoy the trip and us guys in alberta can wave to you on the way by

if it gets much cheaper I will have to buy it for my nephew and I do not like him


Hey VT65 ....

You Fly In And Drive The New Toy Home ....

Enjoying The Drive And The Experience Is Why You Brought It ...

I Have Done That Twice In The Last 8 Years ....

2008 Z06 - 2002 Convertible Are Both From The States ...
I would think it would be closer to $2500.00-$3000.00. I brought my ZR1 from Oklahoma last year(half the distance) using TFX and it was $2700.00 door to door. A word of advice if you ship the car, call TFX, there is nobody better in this business and they really treat the car special as if it was their own.
Well, I brought my 2012 Camaro from Florida in December of 2012, and it was $1600.

And my broker shipper is GREAT (Advantage Trading)... they have done 3 for me the past few years.

Shipping my 2001 Camaro from Ontario to BC in 2004 was $800 (I arranged it myself).
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