Dec 22, 2012
1981 c3
I worked out the deal months ago and finally brought it home! There was some minor body work done to the front of the car and it missing the motor and transmission. According the VIN it came out of the factory with red exterior, 350ci and an automatic transmission. Ive got lots of ideas and lots of time to do this right.

So far I have a good idea what I want the finished project to look like... Side pipes... blower poking through the hood... black paint...
I defiantly want a manual transmission, in my opinion sports cars should not have automatic transmissions! :D For an engine, I'm thinking of a 350 block. If it gets modified from there I cant say right now. I would really like a big 'old blower sitting on it but we'll see what the budget says.

For now I have to get some other projects out of the way and make room for this one. I'll post more pics as I go!

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