Yep and ya all know how much I appreciate ya sending the storm on to Maine after your done with it .:swear:

I know it's comin from Canada because all the flakes are in the shape of a maple leaf .:(

It's all good I'll get over it when it warms up :D
I'm sitting here chuckling to myself picturing you guys in my mind catching those snowflakes on your tongues. Better not let the neighbours see you doing it or they might send for the men in white coats. I think it might be a good idea if spring gets here REAL FAST. I'm getting a little worried about you guys. :p
Yes...........the weather is starting to become really trying !

Down here in the so called...banana belt.....1C plus wind, so its quite
unpleasant. And not getting any warmer until next week. Rats !!
Long range, which of course can change, shows a gradual warming trend
so that by 30/31 march, we may well be up to the unbelievable....8C !!!

Meanwhile, back to the gloves/hat.

last year it was 22c here. i was working at the lot in a tee shirt clearing some brush and my wife got poison ivy because the frost was already out of the ground. the ice was out of the lake on march 22. that's the earliest i'd ever seen it go, normally it's about 3 wk's later. not this year !!! :(
Yes, last year was a much earlier spring.... but that is abnormal.
The wife and were just looking and see that it was March 5 last year when we played our first round of golf. This year the course is still covered with snow and so wet you would need to have a shovel in your bag to dig up balls when they plug .
Snowing all day here and starting to pile up. Wife and I were out for a walk and it feels like the middle of February, not March. Roads are snow covered. WE'RE SICK OF WINTER HERE!!!!
Long-range forecast still below-freezing in Edmonton..........

I went to Cuba thinking I'll have a few weeks to try getting the 'Vette shipped to the Tuner for install of exhaust (maybe discs, painted calipes, and braided brake lines to go along with the tune). Instead I've been chipping ice off my driveway. In some places its a couple inches thick!!

The snowbanks on my driveway are well above my head, and here's the kicker.

I don't want to think about driving right now because the potholes are starting to become more and more ugly given the freezing/thawing going on the last few weeks. I don't want to bend a rim, and it's like a minefield out there right now!

I hope the weather and the roads get better soon. Looks like my early April goal is MILES off. Am I pressing my luck hoping to be on the road by May?

On the bright-side, I've confirmed another trip to get the heck out of here. Turks and Caicos--departing April 22nd. Anyone ever been? Any tips would be appreciated. I've booked a few tee-times, and got a SCUBA dive booked already. Any places to eat or be entertained that I should know about? Any beaches I should not miss? Is there any places worth exploring outside of the beaches and more inland? I'd love to know more from my esteemeed forum-members if you've been there.

Place your bets here--even money!! Will I have had the 'Vette out for a spin before my April 22nd trip? What say you?
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I say no if your street is looking anything like mine......we've got more snow now than we've had all winter. Looking out my front door accross the street:

Well I finally convinced the Canadian Government in the best interest of international diplomacy not to send snow to Maine .Ya know it worked ,no more snow this year .I'm taking the plow off Sunday and It won't go back on till next winter.
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