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Russ K

Russ K

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Jan 26, 2009
Regina, Sask
2001 ZO6
1 set of stock 2001 ZO6 wheels & Michelin Pilot Sport tires (75% tread left) and are road force balanced $1500.00. 4 stock 2004 ZO6 wheels (no tires) $800.00. TPIS headers $400.00. Ported LPE LS6 heads 2.02/1.57 valves, double springs & titanium retainers $1500.00. LPE 228/242/.630/.630 camshaft, stock rockers & pushrods $200.00. 2 pair stock ZO6 exhaust manifolds, 2004 ZO6 midpipe & cats $? Prices are in Canadian dollars.

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What kind of difference did you get with the LPE heads and cam? What's the mileage of those components?
With the LPE heads, cam, ported Fast 90 intake and TPIS headers, the car made 434 RWHP on DynoJet. Never dynoed the stock engine, but the 2001 ZO6's are around 340-350 RWHP.

The cam has ~6000 km & the heads have ~12000 km.

Russ Kemp
i'm trying to convince management (the wife) that adding a cam and heads is a must have... if it wasn't for the install $$$ i'd be all over those parts already :)


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My 2001 ZO6 wheels & tires are now sold, still have a set of 2004 ZO6 wheels for sale. Also have a 2001 ZO6 titanium cat back for sale $400.00.

Russ Kemp

Good to hear the wheels sold. Those were very nice. I am surprised it took so long.
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