Jul 27, 2013
Since I'm finally allmost to the point of taking the vette to a few weekend shows I thought I would do a little write up about the car.

1972 Pewter Silver Corvette

The Story

My father (Tom) purchased the car in 1973 as a corporate demo and owned it until his passing in 2012. When shopping for a new car my dad had told me he originally wanted to buy a Hemi, but Dodge would not offer any warranty. He sold his Olds 442 and chose the 1972 454 in its place. During the time he owned it the car was driven to Nova Scotia, across Ontario on weekend camping trips, and spent countless hours on the track running the
For my 81 Camaro Z-28, I got some poster board and made a 3 foot tall sign in the shape of a Z. At the top was the word Camaro and the bottom had the 28.

In the middle part of the Z, was where I listed the different options it had such as being a 350 4-speed car (Only available in that configuration in Canada that year), intermittent wipers, T-Tops, 102 km, blah, blah, blah. It was a great car.

Oh! The other thing you could do would be to just make up a sign. In 2012 I put my Corvette down as being a 2014 Z06. It actually made some people mad. Others blew it off....then looked at the fender stripe and then looked back at the sign on the windshield again. Kind of funny but I actually ended up feeling sort of bad about it. Why would I do this you ask? There were 4 other C5's in the line-up with one right beside mine and figured people would be bored reading the same thing over and over so why not make it interesting.
Hi cugardan

I would focus mostly on the now for your vee-hickle and not dwell too much on how you got to now. That can always be spoken to as a sidebar should someone ask.

As for mods, I would itemize any of the important ones. I would leave out mentioning the Christmas tree looking air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror. Just mention stuff that sets your Vette truly apart from its stock counterpart.

Lotsa guys make up signage that free stands with a lip under the front wheel while others opt for something on or behind the windshield.

Me? Since I tend to not mod, I would lean toward a sign that says "Plain, pure, unadulterated, garden variety Corvette". But that's just me.
See, I did the sign things in show days with the cougar....had the mod list on the passenger window and this allowed a clear view of the polished engine bay without being blinded....


With the vette I am going a slightly different route as the car is far from perfect....but allmost all original....which alot of people don't realize. Original paint especially is few and far between :) Appreciate the opinions.
Sitting in my driveway :)... owned it since new August of 1998...144,577 kms and has been to California, Virginia beach and Indianapolis 4-5 Times...so barely driven and never seen a winter...putting it up for sale next week and hopefully getting $4K
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