Jul 14, 2011
Comox, BC
2021 Stingray HTC
I started to change my shifter today. Just got the topside taken apart. It went pretty well. No issues.

I Will start the underside work tomorrow. A little more involved being a convertible. Cross brace to remove, drop the exhaust from the cats back. Good practice for when I install new pipes next year. I sprayed the nuts today to get them soaking. I imagine they will be a bit of work to remove.

It looks like it could be a little complicated to remove/disconnect the shifter linkage and what not. Hopefully it all goes well.

I am all ears for any advice for this little project. Thanks for listening!

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Removed the cross brace today, the exhaust system and the shifter. Everything came apart really well actually. I was very surprised considering the age of the car. I installed the new shifter and put the transmission back together. Some pretty tight places to work under the car and reinstalling the rubber shifter boots are a bit tricky as well. I just have the exhaust and the cross brace to reinstall. Then put the transmission console back together and I am done.

The exhaust will be a bit tricky. Kind of heavy. Hopefully it just all slips back together easily.

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Here are a few photos of where I am at now.
The first photo is a before shot.
The second and third photo are after I have the shifter changed and starting to reinstall.
The fourth photo is the convertible cross bars.
The fifth photo is the exhaust laying on the floor.
The first photo is looking to the front under the car.
I saw the fuel filter sitting there. I can't get to it once I reinstall the cross braces. So I may as well get this replaced while I have this all apart.
A shot of the end of the cat with no pipes.
A pic looking up at the bottom of the shifter dust cover underneath the car. See that plastic zap strap?? Try reinstalling the zap strap after you are reinstalling things. You really have to hold your mouth just right to do this.
So, I have completed the short shifter project. I ended up ordering a new shifter boot and leather knob cover from redlinegoods.com I think it looks pretty good.


What I like best is the silver color matches my 1996 CE perfectly.
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Wow, beauty job and very nice touch, Russel. Kudos -- Looks factory.

Just looking at your 'bits and pieces' on the floor reminds me of some things I need to do to my '94. The previous owner left the parking brake cable on the outside of one of the cross braces.

I also have the OEM exhaust from it sitting in my basement after the Corsa install. I was surprised (and pleased) that it came off in one piece.

Looking at your cats reminds me of my wrestling to get the passenger side front 02 sensor installed last spring. I did it from below but that required one to "hold your mouth just right to do this". :D
The other 3 seemed to be much more accessible (from below).

Your dash looks identical to mine. The m/t console differs from my auto console, as does your rotory suspension control amid the seat controls.

Fun times for sure. Can't wait to get back at it. Got as much a hankerin' for a 'C4' ride as a C6 ride........

Enjoy and thanks for sharing the pics.

Thanks for the cudos. It was quite a job to get the shifter replaced. But quite a bit of fun and a little challenging for me. While I was under the car I replaced the fuel filter, transmission fluid (with RedLine Shockproof Lightweight Gear Oil), replaced the differential fluid (with RedLine 75w90 with additive).

Got new tires on my wheels.....Nitto 555. I hope I like em.

I think I will replace the rad fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and slave cylinder fluid. If I get time to do it.

I haven't really ever done any of this so I want to make sure I do it correctly and all that. Nothing a little research and asking the good people at the forum if I have questions.....

Nice job Russell -- Lots of friendly knowledgeable people here who would be glad to help out.
We all love seeing pics and hearing about member's projects and sharing ideas.

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