Nov 6, 2012
77 C3
Whats shocking is how your life passes by so quickly. Im almost 50 now and had my vett for 14 years. The days of zipping around quickly are gone!

I need your guys opinion on what type of shocks I should get for my 77.

I want as SMOOTH a ride a possible! Dont care about performance in the racing manor anymore. Just want a nice gentle ride.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A friend of mine made a good riding car out of his '66 Corvette by adapting the rear fibreglass leaf from a light duty Astro Van. I drove that car once and it had a nice ride. The glass leaf gets rid of a lot of weight at the same time. I'm coming up to 68 and my old buddy Ray is 84 and we both can still get in and out of our '05. There is life after 60, even 70 and 80. :)
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Will this conversion also include the rear spring? If you've already gone to a fibreglass mono - great; if not, I highly recommend it. Something along the lines of a 330lb with matched shocks will make your car feel brand new. I have the VBP 330 with Bilstein HD's and have a nice compliant ride without the harshness of the steel rear spring. The Bilsteins are a little more money....but with suspension components, I find you definitely get what you pay for. KYB also makes a nice mid range shock that will offer much better compliance over AC Delco or Sensatracs. Ultimately it will come down to a budget, and what your happy with. If I were you, I'd try to get out with some forum members to see how the different setups ride before you make a decision. Hopefully by the first or second week in May I should be out, and would be happy to meet up in Barrie to let you check out my ride characteristics.
Thanks very much for the reply's guys.

KYB? honestly Ive never heard of them. Any chance I could trouble you for a link.

I wasnt planing on doing the rear spring... but if you think its would make so much of a diff. then I think its worth the effort.

Thanks for the offer to try your out Brian. I think I could meet up with you in a couple of weeks. got to love to have a destination..:)

Corvette Central website

KYB Gas Shock Kit #572367 $199.95

Bilstein HD Shock Kit #572134 $299.95

Composite Rear Spring 330lb 68-77 #582411 $339.00 (could also go 315lb or 355lb)

P.S. One more thing.......

if you're going "all in" I would also suggest replacing the original strut rods (If they're still there) with heim-jointed adjustable strut rods.
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Thanks for the links Brian.

I think Im just going to go with the shocks for now. I DO want to change the leaf spring but coin is a bit tight after such a crappy winter. I'll do it in the fall perhaps.
Thanks for the links Brian.

I think Im just going to go with the shocks for now. I DO want to change the leaf spring but coin is a bit tight after such a crappy winter. I'll do it in the fall perhaps.

No worries, if funds are tight I can totally understand. One word of advice, just so you don't spend money foolishly. Once you change the rear spring, the car is going to react quite differently to bumps than before. Your rebound characteristics are going to be quite different than a stock spring. To counteract this, you want to pick a shock that works in tandem with the spring to offer a smooth yet compliant ride. This is where trying to save a few bucks may come back to bite you, most of the after market vendors can recommend a good combination of parts that work well together. You won't be racing around Mosport or Shannonville, so no need to go into a Bilstein sport or even a set of coil overs........... but a good set of shocks (like the Bilstein HD's, or the KYB's) will really be a good base to build on. Good luck with your decision.
Little update here guys.. Well I finally got around to installing the new KYB Shocks. Wow! amazing what a difference new shocks will do. Im loving my car again. Getting all the small stuff done(slowly but getting there)

This is my 15th year of ownership:driving:

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