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Jan 11, 2009
This won't happen often but I thought I'd do a quick shout out and plug for the small business that has been in charge of keeping the door hinges greased and carpet immaculately deloused here @ CCF central as well as our various CCF related assets and infrastructure.

Team Racing is one of my many small business ventures that is primarily focused on delivering very focused and unique user experiences, tooling, infrastructure and entire project delivery for small to medium sized business as well as individuals who just want to get an idea off the ground. We've hacked through a fair bit of business development, incubation, brand marketing, advertising, video in addition to the usual web and mobile app IT development workloads. Of course the secret agenda is to always land more car related stuff so we were pretty chuffed to see one of our clients (a member only car club in Burlington, ON) go live over the last few months (Paddock Motor Club, Web: PMC, Instagram: Paddock Motor Club (@paddockmotorclub) • Instagram photos and videos).

Shall not bore you with more business speak, if you want more info feel free to ping us over at: Team Racing. Site is definitely in dire need of an update.

Opinions are free so don't be shy to drop us an email (you might get someone far more polite than I to respond :)). We promise to give you a down to earth perspective with a touch of brutal honesty.

Click here to check it out: Team Racing

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Thanks boss. I was already familiar with Team Racing (inquiring mind and and the Paddock Motor Club was an interesting read as well. And FYI ....wearing T-Shirts adorned with fish to work (albeit not the Don Johnson open shirt/suit jacket/IT look), is not such a bad thing either...(I will refrain from mentioning how many fish shirts I may have...):laughbig:
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