On an intermittent basis, every few weeks, I get a warning on my information center telling me to service by active handling, traction control systems and ABS brakes. This does not happen continuously. The alert comes and goes. What am i dealing with here?
If your car is a 2002 or newer you are in luck.1997 to 2001 can not be fixed 2 years ago
You need to check you codes on the dic, instructions are in the manual.
If you are getting 1264 or 1224 you module is acting up, I can not remember which one.
I had that on my other 03 Vette.
I found out from the US Corvette forum that there is a person called ABS fixer in Wisconson.
I sent him my box and for $150 he repaired it with a lifetime warranty.
The box is $1700 Cdn
If you search the forum using Abs and traction control
code you will get alot of info
PM me and I will give you my phone #
I live in Brighton and have a place at the border I have US stuff sent, and I pay the HST, but save plenty with US prices.
It is all legal to.
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Thanks guys. My vet is a 2003 so I'm encouraged that there may be a fix. This is all new to me and I'm don't know a lot about these things but I will try to check the codes to see if I can find out what the issue is and let you know.
The symptoms and the alert are the same as mine were.It gets worse as more you drive it.It eventually stays on all the time.
I only had the car a few days, so I think they unloaded it because of this alert.
The small box type relay is at the bottom of the engine in the front.
It has brake lines going to part of it.They are not affected when you take the realy off.
It is easy to remove
You can drive the car with this relay off, as you will not have abs brakes or traction control.
The issue with the box is that the lead content in the solder they use when they make this control fails.
ABSFIXER re solders it.I also had surge protection installed in it which cost me an extra $50.
He also can fix the read out on the air conditioning as it goes dim as time goes on.Same solder issue.
If you send it to him, send it by the post office both ways as UPS or Fed X will rape you on brokerage fees over and above the freight rate.
I got it good, but refused to pay because it was labour only.
They came after me 3 weeks after the part was delivered to me.
I told Fed X to stick the charge where the sun does not shine.
When they did mine I sent it by mail then the "a" hole post office went on strike so it had to be shipped back by Fed X.
It seems like a big deal but it is not.
The earlier years have a different control and ABSfixer said he was trying to find a way to fix it.
I think he is a computer geek or something like that.
He has fixed quite a few vettes as they all fail at sometine or other.
When mine goes on my new to me 2003 AE vert now with only 10000 miles on it, I will use him again. by sending it to my drop off in NY state.
You can use my drop off if you wish at the border, just go and pick it up .
I can give you the info.It costs $5.00 for them to accept it and they email you when it comes to them.
I have bought tires the same way , it works great.
Here is a link to the list of the codes and how to get to the codes on the DIC.

Corvette DIC Codes

The only thing it doesn't mention is that once you get into the manual mode for checking codes, you can scroll back and forth through them using buttons...I guessing #3 and #5? I can't remember but it's pretty easy to figure out.
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