I don't see much regarding active handling problems on this site but the Corvette Forum web site in the U.S. has a lot on the problem going back to 2009 or beyond. Do a search there to get an idea as to what is gong on. There have been recalls regarding active handling problems. Might want to check with your dealer to see if all recalls have been done on your car.
This is where the old KISS system comes in handy. When you suspect electrical problems, the first thing you want to do is clean up where wires are grounded to the frame or whatever and then coat then with this stuff. Jet-Lube of Canada l Kopr-Kote - Copper/Graphite High Temperature Anti-Seize
It will keep corrosion away and will make a good contact because if has lots of copper in it. It's like a grease with copper powder in it. If you have problems after this, then start digging deeper or have a knowledgeable person take over.
Speaking of possible faulty ground connections, nas anyone done anything to waterproof the ground pin connector housings that when corroded can also throw a lot of codes? Or that might warrant a whole new thread. One way is to use sticky one sided yellow teflon tape surrounding each housing.
My car pops up the service active handling code. For me it happens mostly when the outside temperature starts dropping. You can actually check the codes to see what is causing the fault. In my case, it is the front wheel speed sensor (ABS sensor) which requires the entire spindle to be replaced and the steering wheel position sensor which is awesome because you can not buy a new sensor, anywhere, for the 1999 and 2000 C5.

I have not cleaned my grounds yet. Once I do that, if it still pops up, I'll replace the spindle, if it still pops up after that, I'll either unplug the steering wheel sensor and just hit reset everytime I drive it (Yay!) or look for a used steering wheel column to install as you can not remove the sensor without damaging it.

Let us know what you find!
My 03 was about two years old when it happened to me .a message was displayed "Do not exceed 148 mph " Ironic because I was at a McDonald's drive thru .I'm also thinking I could drive 147 safely but at 149 the car would self destruct .Again all it was was a ground on my left front Mag shock.(f55)

pull your code, if you got c1214, it is a ebcm problem. I send mine to abs fixers and they fix it for $150 us.
Google c1214 corvette and you got there all the info.
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