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Jul 25, 2014
2015 Z06
Been a good day all around as my original C7 order has finally had plant acceptance BUT....

I am now seeking a Canadian 2015 ZO6 allocation if ANYBODY knows of one! Thanks in advance!!!
another Canadian Z06 wanted

The dealer who took my deposit on a 2015 Z06 last September just informed me that he has no Z06 allocation, and does not know when he might get one. Have MSRP, will travel. In Canada anyway.
Sherwood Park Chev has Z06s in the showroom

Today I stopped in to Sherwood Park Chev Olds and talked to Jim, the Corvette specialist. There were two Z06s and three other new Corvettes on display in the showroom and available for purchase The Z06s were purchased from American dealers and are priced in the C$140s. The black/black specimen has the Z07 package, which Jim told me won't be available for ordering until further notice ... pending delivery of parts to Bowling Green.
140s now.... To think way back in Sep just after I found my allocation, Jim tried to sell me a fall delivery Z06 that someone just pulled out list. We were trying to make the necessary changes as it was a yellow Z07 config and, when he went to confirm, we learned that that car status had jumped in the process and couldn't be changed.
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