Apr 24, 2011
Comox Vancouver Island B.C.
2006 C-6
Comox Valley Corvettes are putting on a cruise on July 7 up to the show and shine at the Sayward Valley Resort. This is the second year and they started off last year with about 60 cars. We will be leaving the Courtenay A&W at 9AM and meeting up with the Campbell river group at A&W north end at 10AM. It's about a hour north to Sayward from there and will be a great drive with lots of scenery. Anyone else wanting to join up with us are welcome to do so, as the more Corvettes we have the better the cruise.
Anyone wanting specifics send me a PM.

To arrive at the Courtenay A&W July 7th at 9AM, I wonder what time I would need to leave Georgetown ... ?? :D

Now that would be a cruise ! ! :canada:
Jim, If you did like me last year you could leave at 7AM July 2nd and be here Sat. afternoon around 4. That way you'd be rested up to leave with us at 9AM Sunday morning. Come on ahead I have room for you here!!
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Well folks we had a gorgeous day for our cruise to Sayward. First of all I'd like to thank Terry for being such a great host for the show. The trip up consisted of 10 Corvettes a 1961 Bubble top Impala a 1930 Model A Ford hot rod and about 10 Motorcycles, mostly Harleys. The highlight at least for me was another 1967 427 tripower big block. Car was beautifully restored and the owner lived in Port McNeill.


The rest of the pictures are of our group.



There were trophys given out at three, but none of us stayed to see if we were lucky enough to win. It didn't really matter tho as everyone really enjoyed our first outing.
Definitely looks like it was a great day for some great Corvettes Rob.

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