I might be able to make one at the end of the month Riley as i'm in Saskatoon for four or five nights....I have a pretty hectic agenda...but see if I can make it work....

Cheers, Adam
Vibe or a truck!? Just bring pictures of your frame. :D The Vibe/Truck is no problem, Terry's been bringing out his 89 integra for 3 years now! :rofl:

That would be great Adam! I would love to see your car! If you can't make it down here, I am usually up in Nipawin once a month...but not normally in the Corvette.

HEY FERNANDO! Great to see you on here! That would be awesome if you came out. Been a looooooooooooong time since we saw each other last.
Well, I was hoping to come out with the Vette, and given the snow, I did not plate it. I think I will plate it this weekend, so I will have to pass until next week!
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