Feb 15, 2012
2001 Z06
Hey just wanted to let you know that Pennzoil Platinum 5L jugs are on sale at Crappy Tire for $27.59, Royal Purple 5L jugs $44.79 and for those of you working in your garage Rust-O-Leum floor epoxy kits are on sale for $69.99, reg. $99.99.

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Better still. 12V CTEK Battery Charger | Princess Auto $45 at Princess Auto. I have three of these. I had a battery so run down that the dome light was down. Over night and the vehicle started fine, so they will charge a battery as well as maintain them. C-Tek has several models so you have to watch which one you are buying. Battery Chargers - CTEK Battery Chargers Overall, guys seem to be pretty happy with them.
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