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Jan 30, 2009
Mississauga, Canada
I'm becoming addicted to this new show, on this new HD Channel ... on Rogers, it's channel 551.

There are some interesting car related shows on this channel, but I'm enjoying this show "Motorsport Ranch" ... which features a Country Club down in Texas that is home to a Road Course, rather than a golf course!

Each episode features a handicapped race between three different club members.

Each member has a PAR race time around the track in their car ... and during the show, they get a couple laps to meet their PAR time ... which will then add to, or subtract time from their handicapp start.

Then it is a three lap race against the other competitors.

During the show, the feature different aspects of the Ranch ... and each competitor shares stories about their car, and what brought them into this hobby.

Check it out!

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