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Apr 18, 2010
2006 Coupe, 2003 AE
Former Corvette Racing Driver and all-around Mr. Nice Guy Ron Fellows was inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame for his contributions to the hobby. Ron and his family were at the National Corvette Museum
Sweet ride, and Ron Fellows seems like an all-round great guy.
I'm sure we're all very proud of his accomplishments in these great rides.

My brother and I are headed to the museum, production facility and a few local attractions on Sept. 18th in his C6 convert. -- staying until Wednesday and really looking forward to the trip.

Looks like we'll have just missed the Ron Fellows festivities but I'm sure there will be some news to pick up on while we're there.

Seems to me a lot of the members here have made the trip and had a great time.

I'll take pics of what I can, tho none in the production facility (pity) and post up when we're back.

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