Jul 11, 2013
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
sold both '85 & '87
We just received notice from Rogers that SPEED Channel will no longer be available. This is an important channel for me... and then the letter has the effrontery to say "and your monthly fee will not be affected by this change"! I find it incredible that this company would have the arrogance to make such a declaration after telling us how it will provide LESS.
Since about 10% of my viewing was probably SPEED... I should have expected a 10% reduction!
David :swear:
Wonder how long before we get a similar notice from Bell. That is too funny that you should have expected a reduction in your bill, how selfish. :rofl:

I look at my Bell bill every month and think of all the money I pay out the Bell TV is the one I truly resent. Nothing worth watching most nights but I must say I was watching less and less of Speed TV, reality shows what junk. What happened to the USAC sprinters, Woo, Saturday Night Thunder and all of the rest of the forgotten great racing shows. For goodness sakes show some racing.

I feel for you, let us know how this turns out because it sounds like a Phone Call to India is in order. Best of luck.
Rogers has just bought up the rights to my cable supplier with-in the last few months. I also received this same letter last week. Nice way to introduce them selves to me.
I have great fears about this change......
We shut down our dish about five years ago. Hearing all this just reinforces my decision back then. They are making the same mistake that GM made through the '80s. As sales dropped, they raised prices, keeping level profit margins until their sales tanked. Playing this game is a dead end. Of course, these companies have share holders screaming for dividends today, so that is what the companies give out. Most of these guys know full well what the end result will be but are powerless to do anything about it. A friend was Canadian vice president of an American based company. He said that his job was no more secure than today's sales figures. An idea that would reap dividends five years down the road would get shot down in flames every time. This way of doing things leads you right into the same trap as GM ended up in but a lot of companies are NOT too big to fail and the government won't be there to bail them out when the time comes. This is the way I see it anyway.
Speed was dropped here about six months ago but it was replaced by six infomercials and three Spanish channels.
yeah - the looney way it works here we'll likely get the medieval folk dancing and basket weaving channel.......all in subtitles of course. :swear:

I can see it now: going back to the way it was when we were young: more reading, building, constructing, and less or no boob tube....

It only comes in handy in winter months to pass the time of day...but there are other ways. Maybe it's time to get back to basics and tell these cable companies to go f-themselves until they improve the service.:(

Ahhh... all is good! :mad: They might offer SPEED Channel back one day and all you have to do is buy into a new package of programs. I'll be allowed to pay more for what they and I agreed to in the first place.

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Well It's happened here too!!!
TELUS OPTIK TV has cancelled SPEED TV...! As of June 1st.
I did not think that would happen as subscribers have contracts with TELUS vs month/month with the others providers.
They claim it was too expensive to acquire, and also claims the CRTC is not wanting a competitive channel to it's forthcoming CanCon sports channel.
I certainly won't miss all those goofy ads but was willing to put up with them to get the NASCAR content. Knockout qualifying, practice, truck races, victory lane, race hub..!!!
This is not good...
I guess I have to get a laptop connected to my TV and see if this stuff is on-line. But that means no PVR available for time-shifting.
Darn it.
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