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Aug 5, 2011
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Spok has passed on or should I say been beamed up......I liked him a lot from his early years in Star Trek up to present touring for us Trekkies.

Predeceased by Scotty (James Doohan) and Bones (DeForst Kelley) and of course Gene Roddenberry the Star Trek creator -- Leonard Nimoy will be greatly missed.

Colin. (human)
"Live long and prosper" good words for all of us.

Thanks Leonard

Right on Wayne........I heard Shatner's interview today who explained Nimoy's "prosper" .... apparently was in reference to becoming a better and a more meaningful person and not to the obvious financial prospering.

Kinda made me think.:)

Yes thanks Leonard Nimoy ... You entertained us and imparted wisdom for many years

....Yes he played a great part in the series, a true original. I drove the 58 through Vulcan alberta one time, kinda neat !!! Thanks Spock for all logic and entertainment.
True that Brian --

A very wise Vulcan and a lot of what he acted was scripted, but I also believe he was a very wise person too.

He'll be missed in so many ways.
I'm sure we're all very glad to have enjoyed and listened to Leonard Nimoy.

He sure has deserved a looooong rest.

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