Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
This is the 10th Annual Sherway GTG to open the season. Everyone bring their rides out as it's been a very long winter.

In Vaughan, Hwy 7 and 400, AMC Parking Lot where the Monday night cruise-in is held.

It's at AMC while Sherway Mall is under construction.

See you there. :seeya:
Just a reminder. The first Big GTG of the year is tomorrow.
The weather looks great, so we should have a huge turnout.:canada:

Anyone from here going?
These are from Willy.

Hey Les the directions must have been really bad---I didn't see you there???? Oh well I think there where 52 cars out today---just great to hook up with all the guys and gals again for 2014!! Rooms are filling out at Woodward just fine!! Randy has his new brake covers finally!! Lots of iron out today--I even talked to Sammy--good to see his hardware out and about!! He did a super job on his engine bay!!

Tony did just a fantastic job on the resto vette!!

Manny put in an appearance with the "Nasty 1"

Hey Mark!!--where the heck was the coffee??--just tug'n your chain!!

Lots of eye candy!!!
Good to see this monster out on the road again!!

Always good to see Sammy out in the parking lot showing his iron!!:cheers:
A video from the day.

Originally Posted by FrankieD
Here is a 40 min video of today's meet. The video was partially filmed by my 10 yr old son. It was his first attempt at filming a car meet. Enjoy!!

AMC GTG May 10 2014 - YouTube

Nice video. He has a steady hand......I see a future film producer in the works :)
Not sure why it double posted.

I've found that posts double post if you are typing out a reply and during that time someone comes in and submits a reply before you are done. If this happens, we can just delete the double post. No big deal.

By the way, freaking awesome pictures. There were some REALLY nice cars there!!!
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