I also plan on attending. Will be meeting up with some of my C4 buddies, and heading over.
Sounds good. I hope to add to the c4 contingent. Nice show today at Bennett's chev in Cambridge. Great door prizes. Well organized. And Gary saved me a great VIP spot.

A lot going on Sunday -- Show at Bennett's, Show in Brantford, and our meet at Stoney Creek .. Sounds like everyone had a little fun ..

Hope to see you at Niagara-on-the-Lake next Sunday.

Where the f is my ban hammer? Riley -- charge me up bro -- we need to 'purge' some more do-do........

......and this sh*t we can't even understand........Jeesh -- where's the justice. -- well maybe Doug knows what he said ..... His Vietnamese is a lot better than mine.....:D

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Thanks Riley (I'll not abuse the priv.--------------------too much:D)


Lookin' forward to meeting everyone at this year's Reif Show.....

Pray for decent weather -- some of us can't stand inclemency and the 'vette will melt if it gets wet. (seriously -- stop laughing I'm serious) -- I've now got a ban hammer! The fun begins .................

Weather looks good.
If anyone wishes to cruise together I will be leaving the TA truckstop in Woodstock (exit 230 on the 401) at 6:20 am to meet up at the Garden Avenue Tim Horton's (exit 41) on the 403 at 7:00 am. This should bring us into Reif Estate at approximately 8:00 am.
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