Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
just in case you were not aware, the Niagara Corv. Club has
relocated the above event as the Winery site has become too
small to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.

New site for the event, on 27 july 2014, is

Fort George, in N-O-T-L. [ niagara on the lake ]
51 Queens Parade.
Time 10 - 4pm.


Wow great venue!!! History and cars my favourite!!--thank goodness it didn't rain it might have been a bit of a swamp getting in and out!! Great Day--Kudo's to the Niagara Corvette Club!! Great job parking and food and prizes!! Lots of room now!!! Oh yea--took some pics!!

Got to see SCUBE's new ride finally!!

A little bit of history mixed with a great car show and venue!!

The Scubby Doo machine--I thought Scube was going to steal it!! Heheheh
This just caught my the picture the back..
I'm looking for another Vette and this showed up this morning.
2006 convert, red with black accent stripe.
I assumed the black strip was a personal add-on by prior owner..
Is this a special edition or factory paint offering?
I might go look at this later today.
(ignore the Lambo doors, I don't think they were a factory option!)
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