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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good morning gentlemen,

And a Happy Father's Day to you all as well.

With the anticipated arrival of my car I am now thinking about the Red Stuff brake pads and the required break-in period and protocol.

Colin, I know you added these to your GS so how was the bed-in process for you? Did you find it worked well? Any squeeking afterward??

Any advice from anyone??


I have Yellow Stuff brake pads on my Z. As far as break in. Take it easy on the breaks for the first 500kms or so. I'm not sure about the Red Stuffs but I do notice a big increase in brake dust, so be prepared to do more wheel cleaning to avoid pitting of your wheels. The increase in stopping power is worth the increase in dust. All the best.
Good morning Justin,

NO! God I hope that is not the case! I was switching not because I was unhappy with the stock pads but BECAUSE of the amount of brake dust they would produce!! I would clean the rims and like 3 stop signs or red lights later they were filthy again.

I was lead to the Red Stuff as they had almost minimal pad dust so I hope that they are different from the Yellow Stuff!

Like I posted, I think Colin has them or someone else who does might pipe in with their experiences.

500 km of easy braking should be doable............need to get them bedded-in before I try my 2nd autocross!!

Have you scheduled the engine work yet?? You must be so excited for an extra few hp!!



It does seem like Justin is correct, not much change in dust for the yellows but the reds should be less dusty or so I am hoping to find out first hand.


Garry, I would imagine that they are better for dust than the Yellows because of the different compounds that they are made of. I've had Hawk brake pads in the past on different vehicles and I found that they "dusted" worse than my Yellows. I find that it does wipe off relatively easy too. Let us know how it is.
Good evening Justin,

For sure I will let you know if the Red's are an improvement. I appreciate being able to stop and all as important but the dust of the OEM pads is unacceptable I believe.

No confirmation but today was suppose to be shipping day...........

I live in hope.


Check this stuff out, I bought some but have not used it yet as I want take the wheels off give them a really good cleaning before I put it on. Has anyone used it yet?

Armor All Wheel Protectant Test on an Aston Martin - YouTube

Pretty sure I"ve seen that at Parts Source tho I"ve not bought it (yet).

Looks like it does a darn good job.
Might be just what I was waiting for. I wanted to remove all wheels too but this stuff looks like it will make that job well worthwhile.

I'm going up to P/S tomorrow. If they have some I'll buy some too.

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