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Aug 17, 2023
Hello Team!

My 2024 is finally incoming

Rapid Blue 2LT
Natural Tan
Competition Seats
Front Lift
Blue Belts

I could not get the high-rise spoiler due to constraints, my 2020 had one and I definitely want one on my car

Has anyone used this one?
Seems unreasonably cheap lol

Thanks for the feedback, can you point me in the right direction finding this for around $1,000?

Are you in Ontario? Your local dealer should be able to price match that. Mine did.

Nice spec, by the way. Could you post some hi-res pictures of your interior when you take delivery? Mine is the exact same!
I Originally bought this EOS wing My dealer installed it for me. It cracked in a couple months by the fin on the wing, I had it replaced under warranty and second one cracked again same place. I bought a GM original part (what I should have done in the first place) No issues in 2 years.
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