Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
My 89 year old car buddy Ray Kyles passed away suddenly today. He has been going to the Bridgenorth cruise nights with me in the Corvette for the past two summers. We only missed the rained out nights. He was as sharp as a tack to the end, quick with the wit, had a never ending list of jokes and he knew EVERYONE in the area. He and Doug Fulton got along great from the first time that they met. I was over to his place for a cup of tea a couple of days ago and he was fine. Right now, he is in heaven tinkering with an old hit and miss engine. We're going to miss him.


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AAAh -- sad news indeed Keith -- Sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a great guy, a true friend, and a real car nut.

Condolences to the Kyles family and all his friends.

RIP Mr. Kyles.

In the picture, that's Ray sitting with his engines for sale at the Lindsay swap meet two years ago. The guy in the green tee shirt is my buddy Ken who I have know since when we started high school in 1960. Ken has a '69 427 Corvette and an '89 as well. Two '96 Impala SS cars for good measure.
Sorry to hear that Keith, as I was really looking forward to meeting him this spring when I was there. It just shows what a fragile line we walk every day!!
Rest in peace Ray And to Keith and the other fellas he's not gone, you'll still have lots of great memories to look forward too!!!
I'm sure Steamer and Ray would have had a LOT to talk about. I only met Ray a couple of years ago while checking out some 1969 license plates for a friend's '69 Chevelle. I wish that Ray and I could have become acquainted a few decades earlier. When it comes to friends, don't put get togethers off. They may not happen again. Yesterday, I went over to see Ray and Ann and blow their driveway out. Instead what I met was an ambulance. For sure, Ray will be in our memories. After last night's snow, it looks like I will be back there again this morning blowing snow again for Ann. She is a great person too.
In the pictures it seems that Josie is a good judge of character too.
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Although Ray was 85, he was only old in body. His mind was incredibly sharp. He never had to stop and think of someone's name the way I do. When he talked about happenings from the fifties, it was like they had happened yesterday. Going to cruise nights without Ray just isn't going to be the same. He really enjoyed riding in the Corvette, especially when I got the foot into it. Like me, he was just an old kid. I was mistaken on Ray's age.
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Man Keith I don't know what to say. Ray although I did not know him well stuck me as a real gentleman. I will miss seeing him. I feel really bad about this.

Condolences to Ray's family and his friends.

RIP Ray.
Ray WAS a REAL gentleman and his wife Ann is a real sweetie too. I was over there today to clear away the fresh snow. Thankfully there was a neighbour there blowing the driveway out with his big tractor. It would have taken me a LOT longer. Ann has good friends and neighbours so things will be ok there. We help where we can.
God speed to Rays family and friends he was one that all was lucky to have as a friend and will be missed by us all.Rest in peace my friend.

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