Nice -- A common sight at the drags in PRO Stock ..... I couldn't see what class the Plymouth was running.

I see the NHRA record for pro is 6.47 seconds so I'm thinking it's not pro .. You know that car Doug? and are the lenco's used in other categories too?

Gee I remember PRO's being in the 10 second range way back when. :D

i believe that car runs in the 10.5 outlaw and possibly super modified and comp. they sure get some insane launches on the 1/8 th mile. the duster runs in the low 9.2's on the 1/4 mile. they seem to have been running on a dial in as his opponents had handicaps. the "H" pattern shift just isn't competetive against the lenco, liberty, jerico, etc equipped cars. the clutch isn't used for shifting after the launch. impossible to drive on the street but great for a clutch car at the strip. in the mid 80's hurst had a sort of lenco inspired automatic set up called the "lightning rods" they came in the olds 442's of the era.
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OOPS -- I didn't even notice it was 1/8 mile.:eek: -- That's what I get for staying up too late.. :rofl:

Thanks for being 'gentle' -- -- and of course the info on drags. I seem to have lost touch in the last number of years :D

I hadn't heard of 'lightning rods' in 442's -- I'll have to read up on that. cool.

Keep 'em comin' Doug ... I love it.

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