Toques are always comfortable Doug.

No experience with this brand of helmet but buy the best you can afford. No one ever thinks something bad will happen but if it does you want to be protected the best you can.
Helmets really must be tried on before buying. I liked the look of R/W/B Arai helmets in the early '90s, but it didn't matter the size... they did not suit the shape of my head. I ended up with Shoei because they were a slightly different shape.
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If you guys are running in SCCA, NHRA, or any similar organizations, your helmet must be SNELL rated. And it must be no more than 10 years old.

Motorcycle helmets do NOT conform to Automotive requirements.
Motorcycle helmets do not have to have "Fire Protection", which Automobile helmets do.

You can check out all the different ratings here....
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