Mar 10, 2015
Kanata, ontario
2015 Z51
$175 Race ramp flat stoppers

Hi, I receive an email offer yesterday from adams polishes Canada, for a race ramp flatstoppers. Original price $325, but wright now the offer is $175 for a set of 4, free shipping + 10% of that price if order place by email till March 16th. I think it's worth the money and like to share this with others members.
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Back in the old days of the bias ply conventional tires there would be some flat spotting from long term storage but that soon went away with some driving. With radials I have never noticed flat spotting when I get the car out in the spring. It never sits long enough in the summer to have any problems. Am I missing something? Of course, these can't hurt either, and if nothing else, your car isn't going anywhere if you left it in neutral. Don't even ask how I know. You can get these for a little over $100 when on sale and do the same thing and you can move your car around in the shop too.
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I agree with Keith, with the new style radials that to me is not an issue, however I use them to move the vette into the corner of the garage during off season, gives more room for other toys to fit in.
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